1Lotus Research




1Lotus Marketing Research Services (1Lotus Research) is an independent market research fieldwork agency. The company consists of a team of experienced market research professionals - practitioners with a high degree of innovation and actionable solutions in tactical and strategic market research fieldwork across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

At 1Lotus Research it is strongly believed that market research fieldwork must be so actionable and responsible to inform key researchers plus business decision makers, hence they try to work as closely as possible with clients and their affiliated fieldwork associates/partners during the entire project.

They create transparency amongst their clients and partners to honestly recommend; the most appropriate target audiences, sampling and cost-effective research methodology for each individual project, and their detailed project management procedures ensure that clients have a high-quality experience and are fully satisfied with the collected data.

1Lotus Research assists clients confidently to deliver exceptional qualitative, quantitative and online research resp. field work services as well as usability testing fieldwork.

Key factors for success

  • one to one interviews ~ in-depth interviews (telephone, face-to-face, in-facility/in-clinic)
  • focus group discussions, mini-groups, expert groups
  • mystery shopping / accompanied shopping trips (AST)/ shadow shopping
  • user research & ethnography research encounters
  • product placements, product test services, test kitchens
  • other types of market research based on client needs
  • usability testing of various proto-types ( Intranet, Internet, devices, software applications)

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