If you know the aim, you can decide.
If you decide, you find peace.
If you find peace, you are safe.
If you are safe, you can ponder.
If you can ponder, you can improve."

Looking for the Needle in the Haystack and Finding the Most Beautiful Flower in the Process

As part of the brand identity, the brand positioning specifies which role a product or a service occupies on the market. The positioning characteristics are more geared to the subjective consumer perception than to the proper product attributes. Positioning aims to achieve a unique and distinctive profile which is clearly associated with a position in consumers´ minds.

It is the responsibility of market research to identify promising positioning angles and to ascertain and define appropriate objectives and opportunities for the brand. In doing so, we draw on plentiful resources. Owing to its proximity to university, marketmind resorts to latest scientific findings and adapts the methods to the requirements of marketing practice. For instance, for the purpose of measuring brand positioning, we developed multimedia emotional assessment, we adapted the repertory grid technique to accommodate large sample sizes, we perfected laddering, added several hundred visual stimuli to non-verbal image assessment, or associated brands with social values extant in society.


We particularly strive not to limit your consideration of positioning options to a so-called reactive positioning – that is, to a strategy which is exclusively based on express consumer desires (outside-in view) – but rather to direct your gaze towards the joint development of possibilities which consumers cannot yet know anything about, but which incorporate interesting benefits or characteristics relevant in future.

We are convinced that appropriate knowledge of methods, paired with profound marketing know-how, results in effective positioning analysis.

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