As a leading energy company in the European growth belt, OMV supplies more than 100 million people with energy. OMV explores, finds and produces natural oil and gas on four continents and provides mobility from the Black Forest to the Black Sea with its network of filling stations. The company participates in actively shaping the energy industry in the European growth belt by strengthening its leading role in the oil and gas business, developing further resources in the markets and neighbouring regions, and by also investing in electricity, deliberately beyond its core business. More than 40,000 employees work towards securing the sustainable growth of OMV.  

„The challenge in our largest project with marketmind lies in coordinating the international study perfectly and smoothly. marketmind always more than fulfills the high standard we expect processes to meet. What I particularly like about our relation is the proactive approach taken by the marketmind team in combination with a high degree of flexibility. The reliable and prompt execution of projects as well as professional solutions to complex client needs are the strengths of marketmind and very convincing points in their favour.“

Mag. Johanna Bramböck, Market Intelligence

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