Mag. Sonja Ehrenberger

Analytical, Logical, Lateral Thinker with Qualities of the Heart
Sonja Ehrenberger develops enthusiasm for any problem. She loves systems, statistics, analytical thinking, the objectivity of true logic, as well as structuring complex issues newly, differently, or at all.

The Essence of Everything
The graduated business psychologist has an empathic view of the world, of nature and its creatures (looking at cut flowers, for instance, almost makes her heart bleed). She always gets to the bottom of things – during vacations even to the bottom of the sea – and finds the positive, the special, the hidden structure in everything. Her clear view of what is essential, for “the core of the brand or the core of the matter” is of a value that for once cannot be quantified in the world of psychological market and motivation research.

Favourite Sport: Juggling Points of View
Sonja Ehrenberger is decidedly interested in and understanding of human beings as individuals. In the workshops or other work-related reunions which she manages, she carefully and engagingly encourages others to think laterally, rely more on their intuition, and to re-examine established patterns of thinking and behaviour.

The Hand to Our Hand-Picked Employees
Sonja Ehrenberger has no ideological blinkers. With much sensitivity and wisdom, she is also responsible for recruiting our new employees.

Forces of Nature and Culture
Sonja Ehrenberger, who has been with our company since 2001, makes sure that her thinking remains unclouded, or at least becomes clear again, through orgies in running and fitness, and with the help of art and culture – from opera and jazz to her own performances on amateur theatre stages, her own painting, and evenings of playing games. But most of all, again and again a magnetic force fuelled by desire draws her to nature or to foreign peoples who live in harmony with nature. For many hours, days or entire holiday periods on foreign continents, she roams mountains, woods, deserts, and steppe plains.



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