Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schuster

Σ{Understanding of Technology and Mathematics} x (∞+1)
Thomas Schuster is the one with the background from the University of Technology. Graduation after eight semesters, with honours. He solves the most complex tasks and manages to make them look very simple. As if it were child´s play, he develops and computes models of causality and segments customer data as if he had already been doing that from before he was born. While a high level of mathematical knowledge is standard at marketmind, his knowledge is incredibly profound to boot. This suggests that one could think of him as a very dry technician. But dry is only his sense of humour, which he uses to bring comic relief to the working day even in the most bizarre moments.

Grows around himself
He had been searched and found for the purpose of (further) development of methods, a discipline in which he has established himself as our guru. But he also has other quite different talents. (Not to forget his ability to make those around him laugh when he delivers accurate punchlines and sayings that range from slightly exaggerating to outright sarcastic.) The master of analytics can be considered a native speaker of C, C#, VBA, and ASP.net. Online he always advances us and our studies by large steps. He develops web and database applications and tools that increase internal efficiency. And equips marketmind with solutions which could never be realised using standard research software.

Rooted Down-to-Earth
Thomas Schuster is rooted somewhere in the market garden trade. He´d rather not take over his parents´ enterprise, all the more as his contribution to plants only takes the form of developing extremely tall and broad CHAID trees. The confessed soccer fan can also be approached when highly complex issues need to be resolved at very short notice. He never responds by wringing his hands, but with his typical and friendly standard answer, “ok, I can do that.” Which turns out to be correct every single time.

Shutting Down is Not an Option

All his IT expertise notwithstanding, Thomas Schuster personally has not mastered the art of shutting down. He tends to take particularly intriguing problems back home. If they refuse to let him off the hook, he goes to the movies. And because films are one of his passions anyway, he collects them, in order to build his very own home-cinema – high-end technology included.



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