Mag. Caroline Witt

Work is incredible fun!
One can almost bet on obtaining a smile from Caroline Witt. A genuine, authentic, friendly smile, that is. With her cheerful disposition, paired with motivation, drive, warmth and a forthcoming, committed approach to work she is like a kind of sunny clearing in any coppice that may form in stressful times. Caroline Witt obviously enjoys her work, which in turn adds an extra dose of fun to the working life of all those around her – it´s as simple and as contagious as that.


Worth knowing

What we at marketmind value almost more than Caroline Witt´s ravishing smile is her pronounced technical competence. Conveniently, she has brought to us a wealth of previous knowledge gained through years of experience with quantitative research in the social sciences that addresses the core of matters, and through her studies before that. She has complemented these skills with the ability to master the equally important qualitative approach, for instance for the purpose of moderating focus groups or for conducting profound interviews, in her function as study assistant in qualitative market research and corporate consulting.

marketmind goes CEE – without detours

As is generally known, marketmind also develops perfect solutions for international markets. For Central and Eastern Europe, Caroline Witt is efficiently adding her skills to our team. Her perfect command of the Polish language saves us detours via translation agencies, and whenever a project is carried out in Poland, she always knows the ropes.

Projects to be delivered in good care!

It became clear very soon that one can safely entrust Caroline Witt with responsibility, so she is the driving force and the centre of numerous projects. “I am like a Venus flytrap”, she has been heard to say about herself, “what I touch, I do not surrender any more”. And in doing so – we are hardly surprised – she smiles. Her ability to analyse issues from several angles and of her own accord makes her a source of questioning, but also of empathic understanding for different approaches and personalities. Others feel comfortable when communicating with her, which offers our customers profound insights into their own target groups, particularly via in-depth interviews and focus groups.


Wild Elements

As even for Caroline Witt there is more to life than work, occasionally she finds the time to pursue her diverse interests. She finds it particularly relaxing to have wind and water carry her while kitesurfing, and also in this context she does not limit her view to Lake Neusiedl: her favourite spot for pleasurable relaxation is the Saharan thermal lift in Egypt. Also when no water is involved, she goes in for sports: as a keen volleyball player she regularly manages to dig herself all the way up to the academic championships.


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