Bernhard Zwingl, BSc (WU)

Give us more new know-how!

Bernhard Zwingl is one of our newcomers. The fact that we have not yet been able to find out everything about him does not necessarily make him a mystery. However, studies of mystery shopping do constitute one of his areas of expertise with marketmind. Bernhard Zwingl has brought several assets to marketmind: besides his studies at the WU Vienna, where he specialised in advertising and market research as well as in analysing tourism and the leisure industry, these include his job experience in conducting projects for renowned research institutes.


Brilliantly cooperative

As time has become a scarce resource, we love sharing it with pleasant colleagues, who are aptly called contemporaries. To the marketmind team Bernhard Zwingl adds his readiness to work as well as his meticulousness, motivation and ultimately his knack of consistently making others feel good. He builds up the latter in parallel with the time of the day. Because not everybody is an early riser. Bernhard Zwingl knows how to make welcome contributions to conversations, maintains his calm also in stressful situations, and is always ready to act as willing listener and to give effective support. In his own view, he conforms himself with little – as long as little means perfect or at least can be perfected through his efforts.


Well orientated

Bernhard Zwingl has the ability to make any new subject his own very quickly or to immerse himself completely in a new field. It is precisely his unbiased, fresh pair of eyes that make him contribute valuable inputs at all levels, and owing to his fast and efficient way of working he excels at implemeting projects smoothly. Keyword: hands-on mentality. Proverb (one of his favourites): “Dare make the next step, even if it may not be the right one.” Accordingly, any potential obstacles in his way cannot make him lose his calm – he simply carries on.



Bernhard Zwingl approaches work and life in general with a positive view, which also makes him choose travel destinations that not everybody would feel inclined to visit. Whether this can also be explained by his passion for jiujitsu – the Japanese art of self-defence without weapons? He generally balances his work life with sports – both sports exercised actively and sports consumed via tv. Besides, he likes different kinds of music – particularly live music, which one can “feel” – books and films, shorter versions of which (read: amateur short films) he also has produced himself already. 


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