Marie Paiker, MSc (WU)

360° knowledge
Marie Paiker absolved her Master studies in Marketing at the WU Vienna – along with her Master thesis, which was awarded with the certificate of recognition by the Dr. Maria Schaumayer-Foundation. After providing academic support to the Institute for Trade and Marketing at the WU, she supports our team at marketmind since 2017.

As Research Consultant, Marie Paiker deals with studies on customer satisfaction, customer retention and loyalty, as well as brand and advertising impact – with reliability and imperturbable professionality. Apart from her statistics and SPSS competence, she commands the application of the Experiment Suite 360° eye tracking software.

Focused on the long-term
Marie Paiker’s specialist field are tracking studies, the continuous measurement within the scope of long-term investigations. Thereby she assures the ongoing recording of KPIs important to our customers. What she loves about it? Those long-term observations allow businesses to develop actions for achieving even better results – a benefit that our customers in the areas of telecommunications, energy and the public sector currently profit from.

Marie Paiker is an expert in joined-up thinking and is also well-connected to the whole world herself. Having lived and attended schools in different places certainly contributed to the fact that she cultivates friendships with people in various countries today, from the Bahamas over Cameroon to the USA. Since her 13th year of life, she calls Vienna her home and has easily caught up on striking roots.

She’s picking up everyone
Marie Paiker assures that new marketmind team members have a smooth start and are given all important information. For instance, she gives introductions in data visualization and report preparation to our newbies. To make sure that everyone feels welcome and safe is one of her highest concerns – and she succeeds. “I have never met such a good listener who responds that well and explains things in such an understandable way like Marie does”, a colleague recently said.

Her role of the patient and committed broadcaster of knowledge suits Marie Paiker very well. Thus it is obvious that she has evolved into a central hub that orchestrates different knowledge centres within the company and is often consulted by colleagues on different matters. Also because she knows a lot about orchestras.

Sounds really great!
Apart from German, Marie Paiker can be heard talking in English, Danish, Spanish and French. Tip: After trips to Scandinavia, she also provides substantial amounts of salmiac liquorice candy – which is a matter of taste, of course.

Marie Paiker understands tones and harmonies. As a long-term member of the philharmonic orchestra of the University of Vienna, she supports three different choirs. With pleasure she remembers various performances at different event locations and in different music genres, from opera to Lady Gaga. We can only praise her performance in the highest possible terms!


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