Daniela Tiefenthaler, MSc (WU)

Multiply deployable
After completing her Bachelor in International Business, Daniela Tiefenthaler continued her studies at the WU Vienna with a Master in Marketing – including an exchange semester in Toronto, Canada. Supporting us here at marketmind as Research Consultant since 2017, she mainly cares for our customers in the banking, finance and airline industry. Her studies on customer satisfaction, customer retention and purchase decisions are sound, valid and focus on the value added. Her specialist fields include incident-based surveys and customer experience, brand awareness and image analyses as well as concept and advert tests.

Procrastination? No way!
In order to find the right time to finish certain tasks, Daniela Tiefenthaler has a simple, but effective formula: “Now!” As the personified opposite of procrastination, it is not uncommon for her to have already completed certain things before the respective need even arises. Since knowledge and time management alone would not make much of a difference, we also appreciate Daniela Tiefenthaler’s remarkable hands-on mentality. Whatever she starts, will be completed – by at least 100%, of course.

Perfectly organised
Daniela Tiefenthaler never loses track of any action step or information – which might also be due to her distinct passion for seamless to-do-lists and post-it collections. She is passionate about writing protocols and notes – which keeps the flow of information and communication within the team in good stead. So does her sunny spirit – always friendly and in a good mood, she is a really nice person to be around.

Disciplined morning person
Daniela Tiefenthaler does not only follow a strict work rhythm, but generally shows an exceptional feeling for tones and tacts. She plays the piano, dances tango – if possible, already early in the morning, between her morning run and marketmind. Since early birds are said to make more of their lives, you know.

Aesthetic cuisine
Food needs to look appealing! Daniela Tiefenthaler is a passionate chef, and her propensity for tidiness and organising things is also reflected in the kitchen. With a lot of attention to details – from decoration pepper to mint leaves –, she arranges delicacies that appeal to all of our senses. Her outstanding cooking and baking skills are just another reason why we love to have her in our team – since we regularly have the pleasure of tasting her culinary creations in our office.

“Aesthetically appealing, right now and step by step” – that’s how we would summarize her personality. 



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