Our Roots

The Origin of Innovative Market Research

Since marketmind was founded as a spin-off of the Institute of Advertising and Marketing Research of the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 1996, the strategic focus has been on quality. In this vein, the company is continuing the route shaped by the Institute, where high quality in teaching is understood as a central contribution to society.


Knowledge Transfer to Corporate Practice

In the course of the decades since its foundation, the Institute has educated more than 1,900 graduates, many of whom hold highly successful positions in the fields of advertising, marketing, and market research. Some of them, among them also Gereon Friederes, the co-founder of marketmind, chose the entrepreneurial path and actively support the economy by virtue of their know-how. Numerous members of the marketmind staff have also graduated from the Institute and in this way, among others, ensure knowledge transfer from education and research to corporate practice.


Feedback into Education and Training

We also feed both our theoretically sound and our practically relevant knowledge gained through long-standing expertise back to students in the context of educational and training commitments at universities, universities of applied sciences, and seminar providers.

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